With Nothing to Show

by Chronicles

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Vocals - Jimmy Allan
Guitar - Eric Liu
Guitar - Dave Torosian
Drums - Phil Fontana
Bass Guitar - Eric VanZutphen


released April 29, 2015

Recorded & Edited by: Jeff Wallace

Mixed & Reamped by: Bobby Torres

Artwork & Youtube by: Tom Dennis



all rights reserved


Chronicles New Jersey

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Track Name: Overcome
I will be the best man that I can be.

I won't let anything stop me.
I promised myself change and I won't fail, despite your cold hearted words.

What was it exactly that you said? That I would fail?
Track Name: Chasing Acceptance
I lost myself in the chase. I have forgotten what it means to love.
This is no accident that I feel so dead inside. It is but a consequence of life.

We are all at some point filled with love and light; it expires.
But, as the years wage war upon us, we watch the love wither - wither and die.

Bitter souls now aging within the concept of hate. We forgot our compassion and surrendered
it for acceptance. Where our comfort lies is where the lies reside.

Lie to me and I will love you. Speak truth to me and you will be resented.
What does it mean tolove anymore?

This fractured society knows only the chase.
Forever we chase acceptance wanting only to be loved.

It is the greatest contradiction one can know.
It is love that we surrendered along the way.
It is fear and emptiness that controls us now.
I've given up hope.

Never again will I know love in a world so dead.
We have surrendered our humanity for what?

We have surrendered.
Track Name: Love Less and Live More
We are all damaged; hanging by a thread as we are stitched together by indifference.

Leave me to my faults - you never cared anyway.

I've made this life and you took part in what you needed.
The doorway to redemption closed long ago.
And the dreams we once shared are nothing more than day dreams lost in the night.

When you left the pain stayed.
You have been taken away from me.
And all we said was lost in the past now.
We are left searching for what we lost.

I can't say it mattered much now.
All that was real has been made fake forever.
You'll be in my heart but it is the choice that I am faced with.

Will your memory reside within me as a fond one or will my bitter heart get the best of me?
We built those four walls where we hid from the world.
It was you who tore them down.

Love less and live more is the game I play.
Love less and live more is the way you've made me.
Track Name: Free of Dreams
Let us forget everything that we once knew.
I want to be free. I just want to be free.

Free of the restrictions that have been placed upon me - I had dreams once.

They were all I cared for. I've watched them fade to the back of my mind.
Tired of being told to work harder when it never gets easy. I swear I had dreams once.

Work and you shall have your dreams. Work and you shall lose yourself.

I've watched adulthood take from me the very thing I strived for.

I will be waiting for the day when I am free.
And all this time that has been taken from me will finally find its way back to me.

I shall free myself someday of all these restrictive obligations.

I will capture my dreams and live as though I never knew these chains.

Let us forget everything that we once knew.
I want to be free. I just want to be free.

I will be waiting for the day when I am free.
And all this time that has been taken from me...